Welcome beautiful, I'm honored to have you here.

You are ready.

Feel worthy as you step into your intuitive and heart-led life. You know there is more to life than how you are currently feeling, and what you are doing.

You desire to increase your vibration to a more joy filled life. The problem is, you're not sure how to get there.

That's where I come in.
Let me guide you back to your most connected and fulfilled self.

Mother + Daughter Connection Day

Sometimes we need to step out of our usual environment to spark something new and magical.

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You are exactly where you need to be.

Get ready to feel empowered and fulfilled.

Click below and take your first step towards the life you desire. You deserve it!

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Are you guided by your intuition or are you winging it?

When we operate from a default setting of connected-love, life just seems to flow. From that place of flow you can manifest your dreams. I call this being in your Divine Feminine Power. This is when you feel safe and strong, you seem to float above all that life throws at you with grace and compassion. You are in your Divine Feminine Power

When we are not in our Divine Feminine Power, guided by our intuition, feeling steadfast and confident in our decisions, that is when we are unable to attune with what we truly desire. You might feel stuck, purposeless, unworthy or unseen.

So, what's getting in the way of your natural cadence?

Connect with me through one on one coaching, women's circle or a workshop and discover what's blocking your Divine Feminine Power.

Get to know me.

I know that choosing a life coach or doing any group work is a big decision. Get to know more about me, the work I do, how I got here, and what I would like to contribute to the world in the future by clicking below.

About Kate

Connect with me.

Chat to me about what's holding you back from being in your most abundant flow. Start manifesting the life you desire.


When we rise, we all rise together


Earn your bliss, abundance builder! This is a space where I PAY YOU to do your personal development work.

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So many beautiful, kind words...

Gratitude plays an essential role in the work that we do here. Many women struggle to receive praise and compliments. Not me, I love it! I cherish every single kind word and share it here so you too can connect with these transformational journeys.

see more words of gratitude here

You are sacred

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I encourage my clients to always follow their curiosity. You are here, on this website. Whatever the reason that brought you here, if you are feeling that tingling, pulling of curiosity, take action now. What have you got to loose? More importantly what could you gain?

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