If you have the book now is the time to read up till the section to read on Sunday. The Sunday night section prepares you for the following week. Use today and tomorrow to make sure you have your 5 ‘getting prepared’ items ready.

  • Meditation space
  • Journal
  • Download meditations
  • Selfcare practice
  • Schedule your time


I am a huge supporter of the benefits of affirmations. I have been saying the same one with my kids now for 10 years ‘I love you, I am precious, I am safe, I forgive you’. I used them through pregnancy (and my favourite of all time)

‘everything is as it should be’

And my personal super star affirmation ‘I love you Kate, Kate I love you’, simple but very effective.

Gabby uses a different one every day for 40 days. I can’t remember if this was from her book or something I picked up earlier, I use the alarm system in my phone to program in the affirmation each day. It takes a bit of time and dedication to change it each day but what happens is that I get these beautiful reminders throughout the day that keep me focused on the day's task. To this day I still have one that pops up at 2pm everyday that says “I am grateful for this moment” except that I spelled ‘moment’ wrong and it says ‘monet’ which I thought was quite funny when I was in the Louvre in Paris!

You could also write them out on post-it notes and stick around the home or office. Everytime you go to the toilet you too could be ‘grateful for this monet’!

You can say an affirmation as you would read out the grocery list or you could take your time by doing 3 deep breaths and really focus into your heart when you say the words. Honestly, I do a bit of both because saying them like I am doing a school trip role-call is better than not saying them at all.

When I do affirmations with the kids we do them in a round of 7. Seven is a very powerful number, it is the number of completeness and perfection. Seven seas, the earth was created in 7 days, seven colours in a rainbow, seven musical notes. When I'm really focusing on creating change I use a 108 bead mala bracelet and turn it into a kind of breathing chant. However you do it will be right for you.

Tonight I am programming my phone to remind me every hour from 10am till 4pm. I choose these times as it fits with my schedule.

No need to fret

If you don’t have the book or audiobook please do not fret. Yes, it would be easier if you had the book but I will post, blog, and vlog all the major parts, and if you enjoy it, you can always get the book later and do it anytime you want. Please stick with us as we go through. Even listening to the day's activities, reflections, and affirmations will have an impact to get you choosing love over fear. And please join in, ask any questions, share your thoughts on any of the work, how does it make you feel? I look forward to sharing in your transformation.


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