DAY 4 - gratitude


Let’s start with what I am buzzing with gratitude for right now!

I'm grateful that I am here, doing this work. I feel excited to connect with these women everyday. I'm inspired by their willingness to stare fear in the face and the commitment they have made to their own growth. I'm proud of myself for stepping into this space. I love it. I feel I have so much to give. Every moment of my life has prepared me for this. I've done so much training and work on myself and I feel ready. Finally! I can’t wait to start working with more mums who want to explore their intuitive side, manifest a new way of being or feel more confident and ready to take hold of the life they desire.

What an opportunity to be able to do this work. I'm so grateful for all that have stood by me and encouraged me. For all the good and the bad things that have happened in my life to lead me to this point. I have wanted to be of service for so long and not known how to do it. How to fit it all together and now I have the blueprint and I'm building my dream career.  I sit here and think “how did I actually do this?”.

I know I manifested everything in my life. I'm really good at it (when I'm connected). At the moment it's all flooding in, what an amazing feeling. Like one of the women doing the challenge with me said “the gratitude is flowing through me like rainbows!”

Todays exercises

Today Gabby asked us to note down everything we are grateful for. My list was super long! Here are my top 10:

  • Create cafe and their amazing staff and food
  • Mr G tutoring my kids everyday so i get some time out
  • Homeschooling the boys so I get to see all their little wins throughout the day
  • My afternoon nap - I fell asleep listening to G talk about social studies
  • Our morning walk family ritual
  • Coffee (single shot coconut piccolo)
  • For the warmth of the sun
  • The way the boys still hold my hand everywhere
  • The love of a great man
  • All the women contributing to the 40 day challenge

Next we are asked to look back onto our fears from DAY 1 and write about how we can be grateful for these fears. Flip it around!

  1. Seeing my children unmotivated, unhappy and flighting

I'm grateful that my children live in a place that is safe. I'm grateful that my children have each other to learn from and practise their emotions and life skills on. I'm grateful that I get to see my children, that I get to be around them all day and see all sides of their day. I get to see them making each other laugh and the times when they don’t want to be apart, when they collaborate on ideas and when they stand up for each other. I'm grateful that that by being homeschooled there is less peer-pressure and that when I see my children being sad, unmotivated and unhappy I get to teach them real life skills so they can manage these emotions effectively as they grow into men.

  1. Feeling I have let people down

If I look at this honestly I feel it is related to my parents arguing ALL the time when Ii was younger. My parents are lovely people and they love each other very much but they had different upbringings and brought their own baggage. There is a lot of ‘people pleasing’ in this too. 

I’m grateful to look back on this and see how much life has changed. I’m grateful for the realisation that I still have work to do in this area. When I am truly living life in the moment I don’t have this fear. It’s only when I go ‘future tripping’ and “imagine” how things could go; “He’s going to get upset over that”, or “when he finds out about that there's going to be a drama”, that the fear comes in. When I allow that to happen I am projecting the outcome. That’s still manifesting, but not the way in which I want to be doing it. I am grateful for this moment to remember this lesson. Add light and love into every interaction, be mindful of what I am projection and manifesting.

I am grateful for these growthful assignments, for this opportunity to strengthen my faith in love.


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