DAY 6 - I believe in miracles


Last time I did this 40 day guide I found that hard to say out loud. Now, I can shout it from the rooftops. I always knew it was true but I didn’t want other people to hear me. I was fearful of others eyes on me and their perceived negative thoughts thrown at me. I’d like to think my shields are stronger now, (they most definitely are), but the more important fact here is that no one is actually watching or cares what I say or do. Most people are too caught up in the drama of their own lives. The ones that DO see are happy for me and on my wavelength, vibing along at my frequency, tuned into channel awesome! So here I am finding my voice. I have come a long, long way. I believe in miracles

Miracles are tiny shifts in our perspective right? So everytime we see things in a new or different way we are creating miraculous shifts in our own lives. Have you ever stopped to think about how the work you are doing on yourself affects those around you, even as early as day 6?

I have noticed much more patience in myself and an easier, more natural flow throughout my day. I'm not stressing on the little stuff and having more faith in the universe that everything is as it should be. Small examples of this are bending my rules such as ‘no TV during the week’ can actually look like half an hour of Horrible histories on Netflix for the kids while I Blog (check this show out, hilarious, true and educational all in one). Or ‘I must cook proper dinners every night’ now looks like pre-made wholesome dinners from Jess’s Underground kitchen (JUK) 2 nights a week so I can do more work with clients.

This less stress had allowed me to hold space more for my family. When I am present, patient and my bucket is full (meaning that I have given myself the care I need) I can create a bubble that allows my kids to sort through and process their emotions and feelings in real time. The opposite of this is when we push them, make decisions for them, or simply walk away in a motion of “your behaviour is just too difficult for me” with a flick of the hand.

Imagine instead being prepared, fully on the same page as parents, taking the time to discuss what's going on with your kids hearing their thoughts, involving them in the creation of their own lives and allowing them time to process the different ways in which this experience/decision affects them. What you are doing is giving the children anchors and footholds in their own life. When we don’t know or understand what is going on around us we feel anxious and unsettled and we know how this ends up.

Today as I held space for our son we had a rich learning experience in our home. With space, time, love and compassion, we turned around a tricky situation we had created into a win win. I admit, I thought we as parents had a flawed moment of not thinking things through. I couldn’t see a way out. Here's the thing, my bucket was full so I could hold space and that's all it took

Our miracle moment was around teaching our son the value of things. We brought him a good quality tent that will last for years and asked him to pay for half. At first he refused. We spent a lot of time talking about the enjoyment value vs the cost, the importance of having the right gear for the job, and pointing out examples throughout the day that promoted our point of view. I showed him different videos of tents and reviews, we looked at the different materials used to see where the costs came in, the design features, weight and ease of putting up. Still he refused to pay. My plan B was to return everything tomorrow much to my own embarrassment, but I kept holding the space for him to process, I was sure if given enough time he would see the logic on his own.

Eventually he came back to me this evening with questions that were so on-point. “How much money do I have in my bank account” (I had purposely never shown him) and “I’m not happy with the quality of that, can I pay an extra $$ to upgrade it”

Yes yes yes! Flawed parenting moment turned into a win win! A Miracle.

It would have been so easy to take the gear away, return it and leave it at that. Easy peasy. But then we wouldn’t have had the richness of the learning experience for G or us parents.

Keep doing the work. Keep working on yourself and being the light you want to be in the world for YOU so then you can be a beacon for those around you. You will change your life and in doing so you will change theirs. Keep doing the work.

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