DAY 9 - becoming willing to love yourself


Last night before I went to sleep I got into a kneeling praying position. I am not religious, to be perfectly honest the faith I had in religion was drummed out of me in boarding school. That's not to say I don’t believe in a higher power. When I do ritual work, reiki and cleansing I say “Dear God, the Universe, higher spirits, teachers and guides” I feel that covers all my bases. Often I'll add in Mother Gaia, specific angel guides or Divine goddesses that I work with. 

To me God is interchangeable with energy. We are all energy. So this is what feels right to me. But guess what? It’s totally, 100% ok with me if that doesn’t resonate with you. In any of the work I do please substitute for what feels right to you. Take note here, I said “to you”. Not what you were raised by your parents to believe in, not what your partner believes in. What you believe in. I can hear many of you say “I don’t know what I believe in”. Then it's your duty to yourself to explore that

It's not as hard as you think it might be. We all have a deep knowing inside us. I was reminded today by a post by the lovely Sammy Fleming on Instagram of a vision I had once about knowledge. There was a massive inverted pyramid, and at the base point was me. All of this gigantic pyramid was my deep knowing. All I had to do was unlock it, and remember. For me the more I have uncovered in my quest for enlightenment the more there is to understand, know and experience. I find this so beautiful and humbling. 

What's one step you could take today to unlock a little more of your pyramid?

I remember the first time I was asked what I believed in. I had no idea. And so the search began to understand and know Kate Jones

All your beliefs are welcome here, I don’t need to be of the same race, colour, gender, or religion to connect with you on an energetic, emotional level. We are all one.

So… I got on my knees after my awful day and thanked my ‘ing’ for the day's lessons and the guidance I would receive. As I woke this morning the revelation that I was nervous and had caused yesterday's dramas was a welcome bolt of energy. Just like that, the stickiness I had felt all the last day was gone.

It was so unlike me to worry about my son going camping. I love him having growthful experiences away from me. I was always blessed to have kids that would happily head into pre-school. Never had any troubles with the boys not wanting to go to school. Always wanted a village to raise them. Now the question is “what's changed?”

On reflection of this I feel it's what's going on in society right now. As much as I didn’t think Covid-19 isolation was having much effect on me, I now admit that I must be internalizing all the fear that surrounds us at this time. The bigger realisation here is that, if I am being affected in this way (me being a well grounded, connected, intuitive being) what's going on for everyone else?

How are you really doing?

Today's affirmation was spot on. 

I am willing to let go of my self-doubt.
I surrender to self-love.

As I had this awareness of underlying fear creeping into our lives from this COVID experience (for myself and greater community) I felt myself expand. For once I feel aligned in a professional capacity to be able to deeply serve those around me

The universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at exact time we need it in our lives

I am so grateful to be here doing the work I do, serving in this way. I am grateful for the work of this book ‘May cause Miracles’ by Gabby Bernstein for cracking this open for me to discover.







Beautifully written, Kate. We are all one. Xx

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