To get in the flow of sharing my true thoughts with my audience I am challenging myself to a 40 day writing challenge starting on the new moon 17 September. I’ve learnt recently from homeschooling our two boys that my spelling, grammar and written word could do with an upgrade! But I don’t care, I feel that in setting this goal for myself that I will push through some barriers and gain greater confidence about writing in this space, allow you to see the real me, find my sharing boundaries and maybe even grow my following.

A while back I started the book ‘May cause Miracles’ by Gabby Bernstein. I didn’t finish it because on day 28 we were off to Italy (back in the good old days of international travel) I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the schedule of the book while travelling with two young kids. In hindsight I can see that I chose to not make it a priority. I loved the book and thought I would continue when I got home but never did. I absolutely loved this book. I started the famous book ‘a course in miracles’ years ago but I found I was so tired from being a new mum and that there was so much to consume in the book that I would literally overload after a few pages and fall asleep. But what I did take from it has stayed in my mind ever since. Gabby's version of this book is a great introduction to start to deepen our personal connection with self.

I feel Gabby Bernstein's book “May cause Miracles” will give my personal challenge structure and a daily ‘theme’ as well as incredible affirmations to do daily from Gabby. I would absolutely love for you to join me on this. I really, really, really, would. In fact as I write this I have 3 women in my life, nope 4, that I'm going to ask to join me in this to give their feedback on their subtle shifts and keep me accountable.

Make this decision to join me on the day of the new moon and be ready for my first post of Day 1 on Monday the 17th of September. Plenty of time to order the book from Mighty Ape or The Nile

I’m aware that most of my followers don’t really know who I am as a person. I don’t share my opinions and thoughts online as I’ve always been concerned that I might offend someone, so I’ve stayed quiet. I’m realising now that if I share how I feel online and you aren’t open minded enough to accept my opinion as different to yours and remain in a state of love, gratitude and appreciation, that you and I aren’t a good match, and therefore I don’t need you in my space. If you disagree with anything I post please educate me, I grow when you share. All opinions of a growth full nature are welcome here. 

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