Wow, I have been blown away by the responses on social media after just one day! Welcome to all the women ready for change that are following along and a big thank you for joining in so enthusiastically on my first venture into blogging. I couldn't be happier that you  are making a commitment to change your thoughts from fear to love.

When you are willing to change, "the universe has your back” by giving you all the energy and support you need to move forward.

Today we prepare for our 40 day fear cleanse.

Step 1

Consider where you will do this work. Let's call this a meditation space or maybe an altar. Either way, this is a space where you can be alone and sit undisturbed in peace. Try to use the same space everyday. From personal experience this space that you use will grow in vibration and will most likely become your favourite nook. As you might guess, my nook has crystals and candles, sometimes I add flowers and positive quotes. Items that are much loved by me reside here.

Step 2

You will need a journal. Last time I did this challenge I didn’t use a small diary and I didn’t write down all the small shifts that happened during and after when I was in Europe. Some really BIG shifts and experiences happened, I didn’t record them and I wish I had. So please have a small journal that will fit in your handbag to note all your miracles in. Each exercise will create subtle shifts and it will be fascinating to look back on them all at the end of the 40 days and see how far you have come.

Step 3 

Selfcare. This is growth work, and growth work isn’t always comfortable. This is not something to fear, but rather embrace. I personally believe that what karmic-ally don’t sort out in our lifetime gets past onto our children and grandchildren. I have spent years working through stuff that isn't mine (thank you Mum, Oma, Nelly, Nanan and many more!). I will not inflict my children with what I have been through and this is what keeps me going.

So before we get started, prepare for the days that are great and not so great by having a regular self care routine. It can be as simple as lighting a candle or having a shower ritual, but make sure you are consistent.

Step 4

Download Gabby Bernstiens meditation guide that supplements the book and audiobook. I didn’t have this last time and as I listen to it now I know it will be a helpful guide to anyone who doesn’t meditate regularly or wants to deepen their connection to her affirmations, activities and reflections. If you don’t have the book or Audiobook ‘May cause Miracles’ this would be beneficial for getting aligned with the work we are doing. You can purchase from

(no I'm not getting any kickbacks for promoting her products!)

When you purchase you are given access to her site where you will be able to login and download her meditations for this book. I have it all neatly set up on my iphone.

Step 5

Set your schedule. Last time it took me about a week to sort out what works best for me. This time I am making it a priority and rearranging other things around it. Make yourself a priority in your own life

I would love to hear your ‘getting ready’, September-New-Moon plans. Share here or on my social media. We are getting so close now and I am so excited to be doing this with you!


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