Level Up - How to create some space in your life for YOU!

Hey Mama, how are you going to support YOU today?

I’m talking about soul-care, self-love, doing something that supports you in this motherhood phase you are deeply entwined in.

I hear your ego cry “I don’t have time to look after me!”

My reply every time will be “YES, you do, and you MUST”

You MUST, because if you don’t you will reach burnout
You will stop seeing the joy in every momentYou will stop being grateful for your body
You will stop putting energy into your partner relationships

And … you will start to project your fears, judgment and self attack onto those you love including your children. Maybe this is you right now.

Here is a 7 day guide to honestly looking at your current day-to-day and how you can create some much needed healing and inspiration time for you in your day, week..life!


Accepting and surrendering
In this step you are accepting that what's going on right now in your motherhood phase, isn’t serving you as well as you would like, and you are surrendering, allowing a different vision to come forth.

Bring your vision to life!
Visually create using imagery the feelings and moods you would like through your day, week, year. Maybe you will create a massive vision board with magazine cutouts and words symbolizing the energy of how you would like motherhood to be, maybe a pinterest board or a painting. You get to choose what to create and how.

Note 1: Make sure you will be able to connect with this vision on a daily basis. Can you put it somewhere you can see it regularly?

Note 2: Don’t stifle your creativity. Put your heart into it. Show the Universe what your heart truly desires.

A new perspective
It's time to choose a new reality. Today you are going to plan out how you would like your week to go. What would you like to include in your week for YOU? Maybe its Yoga, a cup of tea, Netflix, a bath on your own, a night where you don’t cook dinner, listening to a podcast, going for a walk or journaling.

Let's get intentional! What can you call more of into your life that will help you feel like you are a human being in your own right, not solely existing to serve these mini (absolutely adorable) beings.

Note 1: Work within your limitations. For example if you are receiving government support, pretending a Nanny is within your budget isn’t working within your limitations. However, something like getting up 15 minutes earlier to have a cup of tea on your own is within your limits.

Note 2: Spending time on your own or arranging times where you can feel fulfilled in your day does NOT mean that you don’t love your kids. In fact it's the opposite.

Think about what you are modeling to your kids. Do you want them to grow up doing, doing, doing, feeling unfulfilled and not knowing how to nurture themselves?

Children learn by what they are exposed to, so show them that YOU are worthy of self love, time and nurturing. Teach them that YOU are enough just as you are in this moment so they will know that they are enough, worthy and acceptend just as they are, and deserving of self love too.

Gratitude day
This is a crucial step. It feels too simple, yet being “thankful" is immensely powerful for creating a happy life.

When you are grateful for what you already have, you create what's called an abundant mindset. When you have an 
attitude of gratitude you will find that abundance naturally, without effort, flows into all areas of your life.

So for today, what can you be grateful for in your life? Not sure where to start?

"I am grateful for the air to breathe, I am grateful for my legs for carrying me around, I am grateful for a soft pillow to lie my head on at night, I am grateful for healthy children…"

Note 1: This list of gratitude can never be too long!

Note 2: Try remembering this list when you are going to sleep. In your head go over everything you are grateful for and note the difference of how you sleep. Take it one step further by placing your hand or hands over your heart while drifting off to sleep.



The Universe likes you to be in action towards what you are calling in. Rather than sitting there and waiting for change to magically happen, what's one thing you can do today to be in action towards this weekly plan that includes nourishment and fulfilment for YOU?

Note 1: This doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Maybe it's calling your Aunty and taking her up on that offer to watch the baby for an hour on Wednesday on her way back from golf. Or letting your partner know that you have been doing some work, and that you would like to arrange a time to talk with them and share your vision. Maybe they have some helpful additions.

Note 2: It’s all about Intention. Rather than letting everything just happen to you, YOU get to be intentional and choose how YOU would like YOUR day to go.

Yes, as a parent we all know there are days when nothing goes to plan and we just have to ride and surrender to that wave. However, the only things you can control in this life are YOUR thoughts, actions and emotions.

How can you set yourself up to be in your “right mindedness” as a mother, parent and partner so that YOU feel passionate, fulfilled and purposeful in your life. Give yourself permission to have and be all that you desire.

Give yourself time to integrate the work you did this week. I get so excited when women step up and choose to pull themselves out of stuckness and into a life that their heart truly desires.

“It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen”. Trust that you have started something great this week. Celebrate giving yourself the time and space to work on this. Rest now knowing that the Universe has heard and seen you in action this week and is turning to support you

Note1: A really great and proven way to reflect is journaling. Need a prompt? How about... "What have I learned this week about myself and the direction of my motherhood phase"

Note 2: The format used in this 7 day process of creating more space for YOU in YOUR life can be adapted to transform any issue you have going on in your life from finances, career, relationships and all the way through to body image and self healing.

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