Permission slip granted!

Often when we have kids we start to see the world very differently. Our eyes are opened, what was once ok no longer meets our needs, desires or wants. Things shift around us in and out of alignment and we can lose our footing.

For me this started when I was beginning to consider having kids. What did this mean to who I am, my identity? I was becoming a little unstable on my foundations when my mentor started talking about values. This was a new concept to me but I loved the intention and so my partner and I created what we now call our family values. These values are the pillars of what we would like to grow with our kids, to model, encourage, what we felt were the necessities of being a fulfilled human.

Our values are:
In in together
Above the line
Be my best me

So many of the parents that I work with have never considered the foundations of their family container. This along with boundaries and communication with their partner have created the most momentous shifts in how they feel in their everyday lives.

With doing this work, suddenly there is “time” and therefore space to work on their own inherent purpose. I love doing this work and seeing what comes to the surface. For many women and including myself these dreams and desires have laid dormant for decades as we succumb to the pressures of society.

I’m here to tell you, you get to write your own story. You get to choose the identity of the main character, how they feel in the world, how they respond to everything around them. You get to choose if you are a character that evolves and awakens to a more scared version of yourself. Maybe one with more confidence, passion, or creativity. You get to choose if they lead a fulfilling life and ultimately show their loved ones (partners, children, parents and friends) how to grow that in themselves too.

If you desire change in your life, I invite you to step forward and claim the life your heart truly desires. Now is the time.

I am a women's life coach and circle facilitator. I offer one-on-one coaching, group online courses, in person women's circles and workshops. I love holding space while women empower themselves, it lights me up witnessing and supporting your growth.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @ Kate Jones Life Coaching and my website is I am always available for a FREE chat, so I invite you to check in and tell me what you desire in your life.

This is your “permission slip” to allow yourself to choose you at the same time as being a parent.

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