Turn up your manifesting power

Your manifesting state is either one or the other or both!

What does this mean?

Manifesting is a bit of a buzz word these days but that doesn't stop the truth that there is POWER in that word!

If you want to manifest something you will find oodles of pages on the web telling you how. BUT... here is a quick tip to aligning yourself with this seemingly magical word.

When things aren't going well do you turn to frustration or do you turn to anger?

Anger is the flip-side of Peace

Frustration is the flip-side of Satisfaction

If you know your time of birth you can you can find your "Theme" (whether you align more with satisfaction or peace) in your human design chart. You can get your free chart here

For me, I get frustrated and I feel my best when I am satisfied. So when I manifest I put my body into a state of feeling satisfied. If yours is 'peace' then you would place yourself into a state of peace.

I do this every morning before I get up for 3 minutes. I allow myself to remember satisfying moments and feel that throughout my body. For me it feels like my whole body is radiating and I often have a smile on my face. From this state I visualise something I would like to manifest. I make myself feel as though what I am manifesting has already happened and I feel satisfied with the outcome. 

When I am manifesting full circles for work I see all the faces filled with inspiration, I listen to the women who come up to me afterwards telling me that this was the first time they have ever said something out-loud and how good it feels. I look at the women connecting deeply around me with real conversation, laughter and compassion. This circle has been a success.

Have a go. Work out if you are ‘peace’ or ‘satisfaction’ and give yourself time and space to experiment. As with all things we get more comfortable with an activity with practice so, if the first time it feels a little weird, celebrate that you stepped out of your comfort zone and actually tried. That is a big first step. Then kick that ego to the side that says "this won't work" or "you don't need this" and be in action towards it again.

Comment below your manifesting tips so we can all glow brighter together.

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