Hit 'unsubscribe' from your life lessons in 7 steps

Unaware, we all sign up for situations that trigger us constantly. A crying child, dismissive partner, an excited friend, a phone call from mum, or even your coffee served differently. These are all moments for growth in your day.

Most beings flick off these events as just part of their day and go on to repeat the same event over and over throughout their lives. They continue to react the same way, having these seemingly tiny unimportant events pile up.

I'm reminded of the 8563 unread messages in my email inbox on my phone. Yes, that is the correct number. 

Online I have put in my email address to all sorts of things from clothing companies, educational websites, spiritual sites, hotels, inspirational women, health, the list goes on. Now here is the trick. Rather than going into the first one and unsubscribing I allow myself (in some cases daily) to feel aggrieved by these marketing emails. No one is personally out to get me, I could stop this right now just by going in and clicking the unsubscribe button. But I don’t do this so the same emails keep popping in. The number of emails keeps  growing and adding to my dis-ease around it.

In our day to day lives the same life lessons keep presenting themselves until you “unsubscribe”. To do this in life we have to start witnessing how we are in the world and become aware of our triggers. We need to allow ourselves the space to go inward and shine light onto these shadow aspects of ourselves. The parts that we don't like or ignore.

When we inquire within by asking ourselves powerful questions and looking upon what comes through with love, compassion, and forgiveness, next time a similar experience is triggered you have started a new path on how to respond. Next time you get a coffee in a different cup to what you are used to (yes, even something as small as this can cause a reaction in me) you will be able to reflect on where these thoughts come from. You can make a decision if this reaction serves you or not. Is it based in fear? Once the lesson is learnt it will no longer show up in your inbox, you have unsubscribed from this lesson.



The goal here is to ultimately lovingly embrace all aspects of yourself, even the ones that you don’t like. I call this our shadow self. So often we are not willing to look at this side of ourselves out of fear for what we might find. I guarantee you, every time you work on your shadow self you will be rewarded. There is gold and diamonds hidden in that dark cave.

Let’s put this into some bullet points so we have a clear process on how everyone can start to unsubscribe from those life lessons and grow towards a higher, more empowered and abundant version of themselves.

  1. Start with a morning intention. Something along the lines of the following.

    Today I will be aware of my reactions throughout the day as I begin the process of witnessing. I will look upon myself with love and compassion. Rather than filling myself with negative thoughts when I witness a reaction, I will remind myself that I am at the beginning of this journey. I will forgive myself for these thoughts and know that I am guided and growing and that this is for my greatest good. Today I am open and willing to witness how I am in the world. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

  2. Grab a notebook book and head on out.

  3. Anytime a fearful or negative thought enters your mind. Jot it down.

  4. After each note say the affirmation “(your name) I forgive you for this thought, I choose to see love instead”

  5. At the end of the day when you have space, time and won’t be uninterrupted, open your journal and pick the one/s that stand out the most. 

  6. Then I do what Gabriella Bernstein calls “ing writing”. Write it all out.
    If you're unsure where to start here are some great openers. How did I feel in this situation? What caused me to react this way? Where did this reaction come from? How would you like to be in that situation next time?

  7. The last step here is to consider what came through. Was it based in fear or love? Does this belief still resonate with you or is it outdated? Are you protecting your energy or are you fearful of a situation? Now is the time to be honest with yourself.

Congratulations you have taken your first step to intentionally working on your life lessons. Each time gets easier. Don’t expect this life lesson to disappear completely just yet. Now you are aware of it you will respond differently and eventually all notifications will stop. 

Full disclosure here, just like that actual email list there will always be new emails. Soon there will be lessons in your inbox for a person who is living life at a higher frequency, a ‘you’ that is more abundant, intentional and empowered in all aspects of their life. This is earth school. 

And for all of you that are freaking out at my massive email list (yes, that's you dear husband) it is now on 5! You can breath easy xx


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