Welcome to the first day! I'm so stoked that you are here with me doing this challenge and keeping me accountable. Let's dive into what this week holds for all of us.


Over the coming week you will be guided to identify how fear has tripped you up and blocked your life's flow. Gabby Bernstein will lay the groundwork and guide us to embrace the key principles: Witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness, expecting miracles, and reflecting and recapping.

My thoughts are images I have made

- A Course in Miracles

Day 1

You’ll begin the practice of witnessing. Gabby will guide us to witness our fears so that we can start to understand the choices we have made to focus on them

Day 2

We will be guided to surrender to the willingness to change. This may sound hard, but trust that you’re already halfway there. By joining this 40 day challenge you’ve made a major statement to yourself that you are willing to see love instead of fear.

Day 3

We will begin to choose a loving perspective and start to say no to fear.

Day 4

We focus on gratitude, which will awaken the love presence within us and give us some extra juice for day 5’s heavy lifting.

Day 5

Today is dedicated to forgiveness. This week we are introducing the possibility of forgiveness to ignite your willingness to jump-start the practice of the f-word.

Day 6

We will be guided to awaken our miracle mid-set of love. Gabby will lead us in exercises that will help us step outside our comfort zone to see a world beyond what we have previously chosen to believe in

Day 7

Gabby will conclude the week with self-reflection on the last 6 days. Then, preparation in the evening for the coming week by reading the introduction for week 2

As you awaken your love mnd-set, you'll  begin to know a new truth:

  1. Being miracle minded will enhance every area of your life
  2. You'll come to understand your fear and therefore be willing to release it.
  3. Each exercise offers up a subtle shift in your perspective towards life. The more subtle shifts you ll up, the more peace you will feel.
  4. Judgement, attack and anger will subside.
  5. You'll inherently know a new serenity, and miracles will occur naturally.

I know that many of the women joining in on this challenge have been having their own personal challenges in getting ready from books not turning up, audiobooks being unavailable, and meditations not downloading. What I can see through from each of you is determination and excitement in getting going with this project. 

From my own experience I have learned that the more I want something the more the universe pushes back to see how much I want it. So keep going you amazing women. I am so inspired to see your learning and shifts at the end of these 40 days.

From here on out I will be blogging about my personal experience from the days tasks, and on the sundays I will post the coming weeks plan. As mentioned in the previous blog posts I will be adding the morning reflections, affirmations and tasks on social media.

Share with me along the way. Either post here on the blog, on social media or DM me privately. Please ask questions you might have. All the women doing this challenge can grow so much more when you share.

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