Let's start with the serious and end with a bit of fun.

I am a life coach who works with mothers to reveal what their heart truly desires and what is holding them back, manifest the life they deserve and to open up and receive the abundance of the Universe. 

I trained with the amazing Beautiful You Coaching Academy, graduating last year. In hindsight I can’t help but think of the saying:

“I've been preparing my whole life for this moment”

Looking back, my training for this role started at a very young age. All the personality traits that I tried so hard to squash and ignore are what makes me an exceptional life coach. 

I laugh typing this. Never before have I said that I am exceptional at anything. 

  • Yes, I am a good mum and wife.
  • Yes, I am good at baking.
  • Yes, I am a good graphic designer.

But, I am exceptional in my role as a life coach. Talk about backing myself these days!

What makes me a great coach?

So what are some of those personality traits that I tried to bury way-down, underground, that make me a great coach?

My curiosity and love of understanding what makes people tick. This used to come across as blunt, seemingly random questions. I used to lie awake at night running through all my conversations looking for what I had said wrong. Now, people need me to ask these intimate questions, it's literally part of the job description to ask powerful questions. Stoaked!

My introverted-ness. People always thought I was aloof, shy, standoffish, even a snob. I cursed my inability to make small talk and be interested in trivial conversation. Now I consider it a blessing. All my years of listening and observing have honed my active listening skills and trained me how to hold space for women. This also taught me how to protect my energy and what that actually means.

My perceived trauma. My mother always said I lost my innocence too young. For decades I made  trauma my story. Inner mean girl on overdrive, no self love going on here! As much as I wish it had never happened, I am grateful for all the learnings that I have received in the ripples of this event and the path of personal development that it put me on. It was only from this broken space that I was truly able to rebuild to whom I am today. This includes the counselling, coaching and training in different modalities that I have received from many knowledgeable teachers.

These have turned into my:

“Coaching Super Powers”

(You must say these next lines as though you are announcing Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons from ‘Game of Thrones’)

I am Kate Jones, Holder of deep space, Wielder of Powerful Questions, Connector of Worlds and Guides, Unleasher of Radiance, Vessel of Knowing and Wisdom.

Laughing at myself, maybe I went a bit far.

Anyway, there's no more hiding it! To fulfil myself I need to be of service. It's selfish really, helping other women reveal what they really want in life and how to feel intuitive, empowered, fulfilled and connected totally completes my world. And, I have a lot of fun doing it too!

In answer to the title question: Who is Kate Jones?

I am a woman committed to growing myself everyday and being of service to the best of my abilities to other women for the greatest good of all. 

When we rise, we all rise together.

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