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Hello Beautiful you,

Feel held and welcomed by the energies of our Divine Mother Earth and your Celestial Circle kin. Join us under the sacred Pohutakawa tree, for this powerful, intimate gathering. Together we create deeper connections to ourselves, the Universe we reside in, the lands we come from, and each other, through ritual and real conversations. As one we surrender to the energy of the cosmos.

Come as you are and release old limiting beliefs, clearing space for new higher vibrational thoughts and actions.

Immerse yourself in the nurturing, supportive joy of being in circle with other woman. Woman, who just like you desire a delicious, insightful experience, connection AND release.

This is sacred space created for conscious connection and sisterhood. For us to come together as one, just as our maternal ancestors have done for countless generations past. We will sit in circle together, connect with our heart, soul, spirit, and each other, allowing the divine feminine to rise within us.

With love, compassion and reverence we share truth, wisdom and knowledge to go and create ripples of love extending beyond us into our families and communities.

Celestial Circle Subscriptions

6 Gatherings 
Investment of $333
Choose any 6 dates within a 12 months of purchase to attend. 
Total flexibility with dates

10 Gatherings
Investment of $499
Choose any 10 dates within 18 months of purchase to attend.
Total flexibility with dates

Dates for 2023

6 February Monday
8 March Wednesday
6 May Saturday
20 May Saturday
18 June Sunday
18 July Tuesday
2 August Wednesday
31 August Thursday
15 September Friday
15 October Sunday
27 November Monday
13 December Wednesday

In this scared offering you will be invited to:

  • feel grounded and held by Mother Earth
  • strengthen your connection to your most sacred self
  • release what no longer serves your highest good
  • cleanse and prepare your own energies for the next moon cycle

You will leave feeling rejuvenated, connected, centred and inspired

During this experience we will partake in some of the following:

  • meditation
  • cacao ceremony
  • movement
  • oracle cards
  • massage
  • energy healing
  • sound therapy
  • connecting with you intuition
  • stream of consciousness writing
  • active listening
  • breath-work
  • intention setting
  • working with crystal energies
  • burning ceremony

This is for you if:

  • You need to nourish yourself, take care of you and "fill your cup"
  • You feel curious about connecting deeper with your own being-ness.
  • You are looking for ways to support yourself as a human being/mother/working woman.
  • You want tips on being in alignment with your "all knowing" self.
  • You want to step closer to me and know more of what I'm all about.
  • You have a beginners mind and are open to trying something new.
  • You would like practical tools to help you in everyday life to live in your flow.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not accepting of all races, religions and genders.
  • You choose not to have an open, beginners mind.
  • You are expecting any type of psychic readings or engagement.
  • You are an expert in living in alignment with your intuition and no longer need guidance.
  • For any reason you are unable to join with me in supporting the other women in the group.

What you need to know

  • That all religions and ethnicities are welcome.
  • This a safe space for you to be vulnerable and heal.
  • I will hold sacred space for all aspects of you.

What to bring

  • Blanket - to keep you extra snug
  • Extra Cushion or pillow (optional)
  • yoga mat or something to lie on 
  • Your favourite pen
  • Notebook/journal
  • cup for cacao
  • Water bottle 
  • An open, beginners mind

Details of next Celestial Circle

7:00pm Monday 6 February 2023
3 hours
Location near Howick TBC
Limited spaces
Lots of parking

You will be updated prior to workshop if anything else is required

When purchasing a ticket you agree to the Celestial Circle guidelines

1- Always speak from the heart;
2- what is spoken and witness around the circles stays in the
circle, never to leave -CONFIDENTIALITY is non negotiable;
3- Extreme OWNERSHIP of our words and actions, always
use the first pronoun "I" when you are sharing;
4-Listen with compassion and absolutely NO JUDGEMENT -
no feedback is given unless specially asked for by the woman
who is sharing;
5 - Participation is not optional - every woman gives 100% of
herself to the Sisters present, and to her own process.

I can't wait to have you in sacred space with me, allowing yourself to surrender to the energies of the moon and aligning to a heart-led life

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