Kate Jones

Mother + Maiden Day

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Step into a space of magical connection thats inspiring for both parent and child.

This is a day of Divine connection with your child. Take time for both of you to step into another realm of healing and learning together. These inspiring, heart-led experiences will spark long term conversation

During these Mother + Maiden days I witness powerful shifts between mother and daughter as they deepen their awareness of each other. Being fully present on this day by removing expectations, judgement and projection, mother and daughter see each other from a sacred space for the magical beings they are in that very moment. 

You will receive goodies to take home which, as a mother you will be encouraged to see what you daughter is witnessing in your emotions. This will open up more insight for you as parent into how your thoughts actions and emotions impact her.

Your daughter will receive a gift that will guide them to open up communication pathways with you when times get tough. The intension here is to create a safe non judgemental container foundation for when life gets a little more complicated as they step into their tween and teenage years.

Friday March 10 2023
Saturday March 11 2023
4 hour workshop 10-2
Solway Rd

Workshops may include:

  • Foraging in nature

  • Flower crowns

  • Intension setting with crystals

  • Bracelet making

  • Intuitive potion making (teas)

  • Creating magical mummy aura sprays

  • Delicious (almost) healthy treats

  • Dress ups all things soft, flowy and feminine

  • Movement with marshmallows and fire pit

  • Oracle cards

  • Designing mandalas

These workshops are about fun and connection, no long boring speeches, lots of activity and movement, lots of laughs, and real, interesting conversations.

Please note that these events are non-denominational. All religions, ethnicities and woman identifying genders welcome. 

This is for you if:

  • You have an open beginners mind.
  • You desire a supportive, safe group to feel nurtured in.
  • You want healthier, more passionate relationships.
  • You are excited and ready to discover new ways to connect with this child

This is not for you if:

  • You are closed off from inviting in a new perspective.
  • You are judgemental and unable to accept that everyone has their own growth path and beliefs.
  • You discriminate any religion, ethnicity or gender.