Kate Jones


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Earn your bliss, abundance builder!

This is a FREE facebook group for you to feel the abundance, and natural flow of life that occurs when we do the work upon ourselves. JOIN HERE

A growthful gift for you!

As a being who has had a lived experience of feeling at rock bottom, then done the work, clawed my way out, and now guiding others on this journey, I feel the need to make a real, easy, possible, growth path available to everyone no matter what their life circumstances.

Having the tools to become conscious in this life shouldn't just be for those that are time and money rich. You can learn so much from the internet and social media but I have found that real, long lasting personal development occurs in community.

I am uber excited about my simple yet so effective idea that is in its infancy stage. All it takes is your willingness, your desire for growth, you choice to make this part of your daily ritual. Maybe this will be the very start of you doing one thing growthful for yourself.

I want to pay you to do your self development work

Its so important to me to raise the level of consciousness on our planet that I am going to pay you to do the work!

I have created a facebook group called radiantSHE. This group is about earning your bliss and building your abundance in all areas of your life! In this group you are asked to journal 3 simple questions. Each day that you post your answers I will give you NZ$1 to redeem on any of any courses, workshops, coaching, or membership offerings, (there is so much planned for this next year!) anything except retreats.

For example after one month of daily posting you would have a FREE ticket to a celestial circle!

These 3 prompts when done regularly grow positivity, lightness and abundance in life. I have lived it, AND I have used this approach with many of my clients and seen AMAZING results.

This is a new project and I really want to grow this container because I fully know the depth of change it can create. I invite you to head over to Facebook and JOIN.

As a starter and festive season bonus I am offering the chance to WIN TRIPLE what you post this month. Drawn on Jan 1st 2023, what great way to set yourself up for the season and the year ahead.

This is for you if:
+ You need an incentive to do you growth work.

+ You desire to grow but lack the funds right now to dig your teeth into something that really works.

+ You feel you don't know where to start on your journey to abundance, consciousness and a more fulfilling life.

+ You feel time poor and need a short ritual that you can do from anywhere at any time.

+ You LOVE a good bargin!

+ You feel the desire to be in a community of like minded women who desire to move towards the most sacred version of themselves in the world.

I invite you to be curious.
I look forward to sharing my a-ha moments, gratitude and insights from my life with you in the group.