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This Inner Wisdom group is your 10 weeks of self discovery to feel free, confident and ready to embody the most sacred version of you in the world.  

Immerse yourself in real conversations, deep connections, practical insights for daily use, and personal development. 

I have developed this 10 week "program" because I have lived the healing and growth that comes from committed woman supporting each other regularly in circle. This is the offering that I wish everywoman could be part of, and witness what it's like to be held and nourished in such a way that vulnerability melts away. Allowing you to share truthfully how you actually feel.

Together we create a brave and safe space
No need to cover up how you are truly feeling,
No expectations to "be happy"
A space where you can be real with yourself and celebrate all the little wins.
A space where you grow and learn at your own pace

What makes me want to create such a space? Because you deserve it. We all do. Actually we all need it. When we do the work on ourselves, we heal. When we heal, we spread that energy out into our homes and communities and that's the world I desire to be apart of!

The details for July intake

This is for a closed group for up to 15 women
10 week commitment
Tuesday evenings 7pm
2-3 hours per session

Online group meeting dates
Program commences July 26 2022
Closing date september 27 2022

Sample weekly program
Topic - Awakening Inner healing

Meet online through our private group on Discord
Weaving the group together
Energy healing
Topic work
Closing group ritual

In between sessions
We will use the free app Discord for group and private discussions. This is a very easy app to use and I will guide you to get set up.

Discord is the space where I will supply all information, where we will celebrate each other and share in each others journey. You will be amazed how much growth occurs between sessions with a dedicated container of woman!

I am here to support you in this space every day. Ask everything you need to. The more open you are the more I can guide and support. All messages I receive by 5pm will be answered that day. 

What you will receive

  • 10 weekly topics
  • Weekly LIVE online group sessions 2-3 hours
  • A brave, safe space for you to be curious
  • a strong container of woman ready to support each other
  • Deeper connections
  • Real conversations

What you will feel

  • Connected through your deep conversations with new circle sisters
  • Nourished from the feedback and discussions with your sisters
  • Healed from releasing all the stuff you have been holding in so very long
  • Inspired by all your sisters journeys
  • Supported everyday by all of the woman in this group
  • Free, confident and ready to embody the most sacred version of you in the world.

 This is for you if:

  • Like me and so many woman I know you crave a group of like minded kin
  • You desire a little space and time just for you
  • You want to kick-start some personal development growth work
  • You love the idea of being in circle with other woman and weaving all your magic together
  • You are open minded and open hearted
  • You can commit to the woman in this group with love, compassion and forgiveness
  • You can see that the way to develop this world for following generations is by starting with yourself.

This is not for you if:

  • You cannot be considerate of your fellow sisters through time, thoughts, words and actions
  • You do not have an open mind or open heart
  • You aren't accepting of all races, religions and genders 

Any questions?
email me directly at Kate@katejones.life

Im so excited about this offering, i can't wait to be in circle with you real soon xx