The Journey

I knew I had to step up and do this work. In the middle of the Amazon jungle I knew that what was most important to me was connection.

Connection to self
Connection to Mother Earth
Connection with those I love

I also knew that I couldn't be any of the above without the other two. Here I was, fully present and alive, deeply connected to Mother Earth and aligned with my inner self, swimming in the Amazon river with pink dolphins, when it all clicked. All the training I had up to this point was leading me right here to you.

A brief history

Separation and loneliness came early into my life. Like many I tried to fill the void unsuccessfully. First with food, then boys and then whatever was going. At this point life dumped on a giant pile of deep loss, anxiety, and another serving of separation. I had no self-esteem or confidence and any sliver of an inner guide felt totally severed. I was alone.

You can grow up with parents who truly did what they thought at the time was the very best for you, and love you unconditionally, you can have the most amazing partners that love you, but still feel utterly alone, something just isn't aligned.

I was blessed to find a soulful container at age 25 to train me for life. Here I got to grow and stretch what I knew of the world. I think I had in my own way been searching for this real, honest, sacred space in the world my whole life.

Over the last 15 years I have been in a state of personal growth and development, each year bringing new riches to uncover within myself, and opportunities to connect deeper and deeper with my intuition and inner guides. I had no idea why I needed to learn all this, or what was driving me, just that I felt whole and full of light every time I allowed myself to work on me.


What has shaped me

Everything I have experienced in my life has contributed to where I am now. However I feel there are some elements that make up the core of who I am and what I coach.

Crystal healing

I was in a crystal shop, magnetically drawn to crystals yet still skeptical. I was looking at a massive natural point, clear with murky black patches within it and small baby points attached overs its rough surface (I was to later leanr it was a Phantom Black, Tibetan Quartz). The owner of the shop saw me and told me to sit down and then proceeded to open the cabinet and place it in my lap. I sat there for what felt like a fleeting moment, in reality it was over an hour. I had missed the school bell to pick up my kids. As I came back into myself I was in a state of floating bliss. I felt etheric. This state of euphoria lasted for another 3 hours. When I finally got to the kids they sensed my calm state and we spent the afternoon in a bubble of love joy and peace.

I was hooked so I started training in Melodys "laying on of stones". Since this training I have intuitively developed my own understanding of how to work with crystals which I would love to share with you. I use crystals in at least 5 different ways everyday. Crystals and minerals continue to propel my spiritual growth development.


When I began Reiki training I was quite perplexed. I had researched what it was, and what it was like, but couldn't quite grasp the concept. As I went through the training I began to understand that the reason I didn't compute what I was being taught was because I had naturally been doing a similar form of energy healing with our children since they were born. I love the principles of Reiki. I have always known we are capable of healing ourselves and felt there was much more to this world we occupy than what we can see. Reiki was the the uniting of many of my thoughts, built into a single modality. Reiki has solidified my core beliefs on light and energy. I use Reiki (often with crystals) daily. Again I have modified this practice to reinforce my intuitive way of working with people. 

Woman's group

In my mid 20's I was encouraged to join a woman's group. Today this would be known as a circle. The only reason I was convinced to go was that the facilitator said I could sit at the back of the room with a paper bag on my head, and that I didn't need to contribute EVER if I didn't want to. So I went. I was part of this group for 10 years. I hardly spoke for the first 2 years. This container was where I began to find my voice. 

There were about 30 of us that meet once a week an hour from my home. The women aged from 15-88. We were from different religions, different ethnicity, high earning professionals, low income earners, teachers, farmers, mothers, daughters, aunties and grandmothers. This was my nursery. These wonderful woman welcomed me into real life, into their experiences, families and different existences. I cherish this sacred space and each of them for being a guiding light in my life. Even those whom I did not get along with, because they mirrored me, and were the catalysts for personal growth work. I was profoundly transformed here and I hope to use all that I learnt to create a similar space for you.

Mother Earth

I grew up on a farm surrounded in nature, seasons, animals, fresh air and space to explore and test myself. Through my college and university years (Degree with distinction in Computer Graphics and design, in case you were wondering) I slowly disconnected from this which had made me whole. I didn't realise what a huge part of my well-being it played until I went to Peru and felt her, (Mother Earth) as part of me again. 

The energy of Gaia plays a significant part in how I work and live. When I am in nature and/or water I experience intense downloads of ideas and information. With Reiki and crystals I am connected to my guides, light, the universe and source energy, but learning to embrace and hold earth energy completed what was missing for me in both of those practices. Here in South America everything was neatly connected together with the road map and the plan on how to get here! 

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

It is here at the BYCA that all the downloads, thoughts, and inspirations I had jumping around in my head (and on hundreds of random pieces of paper) started to get inline. With the training I received here I went from thinking about doing something of purpose in the world to actually doing it! This supportive, heartfelt, knowledgeable, academy gave me the infostructure to build my service to woman. I feel an undeniable desire to be of service, to share my beingness, training, knowledge, experience and love in a meaningful, honest way that's steeped in integrity, truth and real connection. This is my purpose and my dream career.

My container

You have heard it before, and you are about to hear it again! Children are our greatest teachers. Patience, presence, humility and joy. Everyday they make it all real and worth the constant growth work to be the best possible guide I can be for them.

I laugh to myself in this moment as I wonder what to write about hubby. So much gratitude, so much laughter and his willingness to be open to all these ideas and ways of being (I mean, come on, he barely bat an eyelid when I brought my first crystal ball!). He has stood by me as I traveled this path and has loved me for just being me all along. 

To those woman who light me up, and cherish my onliness even when they don't get it (sign of a keeper), you know who you are. Without your constant encouragement and help I wouldn't be here. Thank you.


My intention for the work I do is to create a sacred space for woman to be the pure, light, essence of themselves. To drop away the layers they have collected and unknowingly covered themselves with, and now to glow brighter as they release layers that do not serve them and reveal a happier, empowered, more aligned self. The space I hold is one of non judgement, of openness, connection and love. In revealing myself here I show you the essence of who I am. If you resonate with all you have read I sincerely hope you chose to contact and work with me.