Gratitude and Praise

I am so grateful for being part of a committed and supportive group, making this a more shared and connected experience. I always leave my sessions with Kate feeling seen and heard, they are calm and comfortable. Kate realigns my thought process and brings me back to my center. My new awareness around my relationships with ego, self, and inner guide have been highlighted on this course as well as how I can carry positive energy into my daily life, family, community and rest of the world. I know now that miracles happen when I am grounded in the present. I have faith in myself and trust in love.
- Karolina Sikora


I learnt a lot about being kind to myself, setting boundaries for my well being and the power of affirmations and journaling. I felt there was no judgement from Kate and so I felt relaxed. My favourite part of the course were the daily morning calls at 7am and the short evening meditations.
- Rebecca Kibblewhite


I’m really looking forward to diving in to further work with you and think this was an amazing start to this chapter of my journey of healing. In working with you I felt seen and heard. I felt connected and respected. The connections with other women were amazing and I experienced that small shifts can have big effects on everyday life. So much gratitude for this experience, especially at this time during lockdown. To be part of something so authentic and healing has really wrapped me in love during a difficult time.
- Alana Basile


I really enjoyed the self perception work, changing my perception of worthiness and gratitude. As this is the first time I have done a course like this  (riseUP) I appreciated being able to join the group or work by myself.
- Kerren Dixon


I love the course so much and have grown from it greatly. It was amazing having Kate and the group for support and guidance. In my interactions I felt so much support, love, non judgment and growth. It reminded me of the importance of self love and tending to my spirituality, not only for myself but everyone around me. I need to do this course at least once a year, as a spiritual wof!
- Polly Buckley


I loved the daily ritual of meditation, intention setting, and affirmations. However the most impactful moments were the group sharing and connection with these wonderful women. With all my interactions with Kate I felt heard, seen, validated, and she was like my very own cheerleader moving me into the higher state of consciousness. The largest breakthrough was the realisation that I have all the resources and knowledge within me. It’s just a matter of tapping into them when needed. Kate, I am so grateful for everything you bring to this life.
- Maddy Saxton


Thank you so much for the time you spent with me Kate. Body week helped me immensely as I unpacked some really heavy stuff. I felt that I could be completely honest with you, without fear of judgement. This is the first time I’ve used discord and I found this really useful. It was awesome to go to just one place for all the content. I loved Sharing the experience this way, together with a community of beautiful women. I now love, love, love affirmations, I am forgiving of myself and others, I constantly say: “I am grateful for this moment”, and can now easily identify my ego’s false projections and choose a more loving perspective!
-Haley Lowe


I always love working with Kate. This time I was blown away with how powerful the mind is. I enjoyed that with this course I could do it at my own pace and when my energy was vibrating as I had a lot on my plate with 3 little boys in lockdown.
- Natasha Waltham


Phenomenally Life Changing. Working with Kate is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I set goals that I worked toward with Kate's calm and supportive guidance. I reached these goals and watched the work integrate into my life in beautiful ways that the influence rippled through the lives of my most loved ones. Kate held me as I experienced the necessary lessons and helped me see a different and more loving way. I am forever grateful Kate!!
- Dani Baker


Kate supported me to dive into the heart of some blocks around abundance and worthiness, which I have held onto from my youth. She created a deeply grounded and sacred space where I could be completely vulnerable, and feel into my true feelings around ego, intuition and my own spirituality. I cannot thank Kate enough for holding me accountable with respect and honesty. 
- Lisa Kroesche Boyce


I adore Kate. She brings thoughtfulness, deep insight and a spirit of collaboration to each opportunity we have to work together. Her genuine and gentle approach make working with her a dream. I have been enriched by Kate and the services she offers, and am happy to be a regular client.
- Abbey