Praise and Testimonials

Recently separated I wanted to feel happy and to heal my heart for myself and my 3 young boys. I knew it was going to be magical working with Kate as she has this amazing benevolent energy about her. The whole experience was abundantly-healing.

Knowing that I am worthy has changed me. My closest friends and family can see the happiness that I am manifesting for myself, my ex and my children. My hard work is paying off in dividends across all areas of my life thanks to Kate’s gentle but powerful guidance.”

- Natasha Waltham


All of my interactions with Kate have been met with comfort and ease. Her mindful nature and graceful confidence provide a safe space to be vulnerable and seen.  I am grateful for Kate's intuitive guidance and spiritual wisdom. Through her toolkit of inspirational gifts, she has helped me to better understand, accept and love my true self.

- Karolina Sikora


Kate has an amazing ability to read people intuitively and know what they need in that moment. Kate has carried and supported me through the years, especially during the toddler phase, by allowing a space for me to heal through crystals, reiki or simply a listening presence.

- Maddy Saxton


Kate supported me to dive into the heart of some blocks around abundance and worthiness, which I have held onto from my youth. She created a deeply grounded and sacred space where I could be completely vulnerable, and feel into my true feelings around ego, intuition and my own spirituality. I cannot thank Kate enough for holding me accountable with respect and honesty.

- Lisa Kroesche Boyce


I adore Kate. She brings thoughtfulness, deep insight and a spirit of collaboration to each opportunity we have to work together. Her genuine and gentle approach make working with her a dream. I have been enriched by Kate and the services she offers, and am happy to be a regular client.

- Abbey