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Reveal - what your heart truly desires

Manifest - the life you deserve

Receive - the abundance of the Universe

Would you like to feel more fulfilled? Have you been thinking there is never enough time for you to do anything for yourself and even if you had the time you don't really know what would ‘fill your cup” these days?

  • How does a relationship overflowing with real, loving moments sound? Do you look at your relationship with your partner and wonder “how did it get like this?”,  something in you is craving a deeper connection.
  • What about your perfect day of no rushing, arguments, or guilt? Are you constantly feeling pushed to your limits with the kids, walking a tightrope between guilt and frustration, wishing you could be grounded and compassionate through all the ups and downs of motherhood?
  • How does a clear, rested mind that feels like its working for you not against you sound? Is there a constant chatter in your head? Do you feel flustered, foggy, indecisive and that you can’t think clearly or make good decisions?
  • What if all the thoughts in your head were loving, kind and compassionate? Have you noticed that your inner critic isn’t very kind? Do you have thoughts of:
    “I just can’t do anything right”
    “I can’t do this anymore”
    “I’m not intelligent enough to do this”
    “No one will like this”
    "They don't like you"

  • Feeling any of these on a regular basis lowers your self confidence leaving you feeling unempowered and disconnected from the person you would like to be?
  • Imagine actually finishing that idea you had! Bringing it all together. Do you have dreams for what you would like to create in the world but can’t see any possible way of ever being able to bring them to the light of day, but something in you can’t give up on them?

Right now in some or even all areas of your life do you feel unfulfilled? You know there has to be more, that there is more. 

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Or maybe (like me a while back) you have no idea what it is you truly desire, what your purpose is or where to even start?

    For way too long I would wake each morning with a sinking feeling of “here we go… another day of this”. I would rally myself to face a world that didn’t see me. My ego told me that this was all there was to life, this was as good as it gets. The world I was conditioned to live in said “who are you to want more?” and “why do you Kate Jones think you deserve more than this? Don’t you think you have enough!”

    I felt numb in my life, disconnected, restless, separate, disempowered, fragile, and chaotic.

    And… I did want more. Something deep down, hidden in the depths of my being smoldered. There was a feeling that I remembered, one of warmth, comfort, love and acceptance and it told me that not only was I allowed to want more but that I deserved more!


    One of the most profound things I learnt at the beginning of my journey was that there was very little I could actually control in my life. In fact there was only one thing, and that is my thoughts. So that is where I began


    I feel blessed to have had someone help me on my path and I want to to do the same for you. I would like you to wake up each day:
    + feeling excited to be alive
    + feeling connected to the energy of the Universe knowing that it has you back
    + feeling grounded, strong and confident
    + knowing that you are intuitive and how to use that for you greatest good
    + to know that abundance can flow freely into all areas of your life
    + feeling whole
    + to know YOU are worthy

    And go to sleep each night:
    + feeling fulfilled

    How do I help you bring in more abundance?

    I would like you to get everything your heart truly desires, and more! We are going to bring this forth by:

    • asking powerful questions to dive deep into what it is you really want from life.
    • empowering you to trust your intuition - you have all the answers inside you.
    • setting goals that inspire you to reach out for them.
    • allowing you to be in charge of this journey.
    • lovingly and with forgiveness looking back upon the beliefs that you have created in the past that no longer serve you.
    • creating tasks that will keep you in motion.
    • holding space for you to be open and vulnerable, so that you can feel you are in an environment that is safe and non judgmental.


    Kate supported me to dive into the heart of some blocks around abundance and worthiness, which I have held onto from my youth. She created a deeply grounded and sacred space where I could be completely vulnerable, and feel into my true feelings around ego, intuition and my own spirituality. I cannot thank Kate enough for holding me accountable with respect and honesty. 
    - Lisa Kroesche Boyce


    Recently separated I wanted to feel happy and to heal my heart for myself and my 3 young boys. I knew it was going to be magical working with Kate as she has this amazing benevolent energy about her. The whole experience was abundantly-healing.
    Knowing that I am worthy has changed me. My closest friends and family can see the happiness that I am manifesting for myself, my ex and my children. My hard work is paying off in dividends across all areas of my life thanks to Kate’s gentle but powerful guidance.
    - Natasha Waltham


    I will say it again. You deserve this!

    I see it as my mission to take you further than you might be able to see right now. More abundant, intuitive, connected, and more fulfilled as well as:

    • being more forgiving of your past.
    • a new mindset that will have you interpreting all sorts of situations differently.
    • more purpose in all aspects of your life.
    • developing a real understanding of what self-love is and how to carry it on well after our sessions have finished.
    • having the life your heart truly desires.

    What a coaching series looks like.

    Dive deep into a 3 month coaching session with me. We meet every 2 weeks, during this time you will have actions to complete towards your goals. You can contact me anytime via email and you will be surprised at how much we can move forward through email alone! These sessions are designed to take you on a journey to your to a more abundant, intuitive, empowered, aware, present and alive state.

    For the coaching series we can meet online via zoom or in my studio in Mellons Bay, Auckland.

    Step one
    One on one coaching starts by booking in a complimentary 1 hour consult. You can do this right now by clicking here. When you book a complimentary consult you are automatically sent out my pre coaching questionnaire. This form will guide me to understand what you are looking for in a coaching series.

    Step two
    We meet together over zoom for your 1 hour complimentary consult. This is where we discover if we are a good match for coaching and how I can be of best service to you.

    Or if you are local you might like my 1 hour Walk 'n' Talk Complimentary Consult. Click below to find out more about this getting grounded and opening up in nature option.

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    Step three
    Then when you are ready, we will enter into a coaching agreement. Once this is signed and received by me I will send you a link to book in your coaching series.

    Click here to book your complimentary consult and take the first step towards the life you truly desire.

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    Commencing January
    $1122 for full 3 month coaching series. $50 discount when paid in full prior to coaching series commencing.
    or $374 paid monthly for 3 months. Total of $1122
    Subject to availability standard office hours are 9:30-12:00 noon and 7:00-8:30pm Monday to Thursday. Enquire for other times, these change per term and I have the luxury of being flexible.
    Pricing available till October.

    Who I work with

    You are the ideal client for me if:

    • You have an open beginners mind.
    • You know there is more install for you in this lifetime.
    • You are ready to move forward and embrace a new version of your life.
    • You are ready to look inside and find a new path through the walls that have been blocking you from being your most abundant self.
    • You are ready to get intimate with your intuition.
    • You want healthier, more passionate relationships.
    • You are looking for more confidence.
    • You are sick of taking a backseat to your own life
    • You want to ditch the mothers guilt and embrace a more loving and compassionate you
    • You are excited and relived to discover new ways to fulfill yourself.
    • You are a mother or about to be a mother up until your children are teenagers.
    • you can't wait to feel supported and celebrated throughout your journey.
    • You are ready to step up and claim the life you are meant for.


    I am not the ideal coach for you if:

    • You are closed off from inviting in a new perspective.
    • You discriminate any religion, ethnicity or gender.
    • You are not ready and willing to do the work upon yourself.
    • You are unable to fully commit your time.
    • You expect me to give you all the answers.


    Any other questions?

    Think you're not worth it? YOU ARE! If now isn't the right time for you to take up coaching - I get that - but please know that you don't need to be anything or anyone more than you are right now to truly benefit from putting yourself first.

    Can't afford it? Please don't place yourself under any financial strain to work with me, but its also great to consider: How much is it going to cost you to continue to be stuck where you are? What are things costing you right now that can be changed for the better?


    All of my interactions with Kate have been met with comfort and ease. Her mindful nature and graceful confidence provide a safe space to be vulnerable and seen. 

    I am grateful for Kate's intuitive guidance and spiritual wisdom. Through her toolkit of inspirational gifts, she has helped me to better understand, accept and love my true self.
    - Karolina Sikora


    Kate has an amazing ability to read people intuitively and know what they need in that moment. Kate has carried and supported me through the years, especially during the toddler phase, by allowing a space for me to heal through crystals, reiki or simply a listening presence.
    - Maddy Saxton

    What do you have to loose in telling me more about your wonderful self and how you would like to be more abundant in your life? Absolutely nothing!

    What is it you would like to invite in? Click here and schedule yourself in for a complimentary consult. I can't wait to meet you

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