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Hello Beautiful you,

Before you dive into all things Sisterhood Saturdays, add the code: SISTERHOOD for August the 21st at checkout to only pay $77 for this sacred, intimate gathering. In choosing this option you agree to filling out a feedback form that I will turn into a testimonial (approved by you) with your name AND photo. This will be used on this website and my social media channels.

Social proof is so important in my business right now to get more women stepping into this nourishing space so I can grow my vision of women supporting women, rising together, creating a new narrative for our children and their fulfilled mamas.

Sisterhood Saturdays are a space where you are welcomed and held
In a sacred, nourishing, beautiful, environment.
This is a powerful, intimate circle of woman
Creating deeper connections and
Deeper conversations.

An inviting space of no performance
No one to look after but yourself
No one to impress
Come as you are and unplug

Immerse yourself in the calm, comfort and joy of being in circle with woman
Woman, who just like you desire a delicious, insightful experience
AND rejuvenation.

I am calling you in to fill your cup. Join with me in circle as I hold space for you to feel deeply grounded and relaxed, free from all ties in this moment of time that is just about you. Rejuvenating your soul, nourishing it with delicious food and drink in an intimate connected space with other woman who desire, need, crave this expansive, enjoyable, healing, experience.

I see you everyday serving others, worrying about others, berating yourself for past actions, living in loops, and future tripping, escaping your current reality.

I call in ALL aspects of you to let go.
You have permission to do this for yourself
You deserve it.
Your soul is craving it.

My intension for these workshops is to create a space for women to release, but also be curious about how you might use your Inner Wisdom to align to the version of your life with less worrying, loops and escaping.

Tuning into our own, personal Inner Wisdom, exploring what resonates with our own Soul, listening and acting from a sovereign state, is so powerful that I can't find the words to express! It is life changing.

My greatest wish for you is to deepen you connection to self through letting go and surrendering so that you may explore ways that you can evolve into a more abundant, light, joyous version of you everyday.

  • In this scared offering you will feel rejuvenated, centred and grounded.
  • You will learn to open up your heart space and connect deeper to everything and everyone around you. 
  • You will have fun listening to the messages of your inner self and guides
  • You may choose to partake in Cacao Ceremony.
  • You will feel fulfilled by deeper, richer conversations and connections
  • You will leave with new insights.

This is for you if:

  • You need to nourish yourself, take care of you and "fill your cup"
  • You feel curious about connecting deeper with your own beingness.
  • You are looking for ways to support yourself as a human being/mother/working woman.
  • You want tips on being in alignment with your "all knowing" self.
  • You want to step closer to me and know more of what I'm all about.
  • You have a beginners mind and are open to trying something new.
  • You would like practical tools to help you in everyday life to live in your flow.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not accepting of all races, religions and genders.
  • You choose not to have an open, beginners mind.
  • You are expecting any type of psychic readings or engagement.
  • You are an expert in living in alignment with your intuition and no longer need guidance.
  • For any reason you are unable to join with me in supporting the other women in the group.

What you need to know

  • That all religions and ethnicities are welcome.
  • This a safe space for you to be vulnerable and heal.
  • You will be fully supported by me prior, during and after the workshop.
  • I will hold sacred space for all aspects of you.

What to bring

  • Blanket - to keep you extra snug during sound ceremony
  • Extra Cushion or pillow
  • Your favourite pen
  • Notebook/journal
  • Water bottle 
  • An open, beginners mind

The details

1-4pm Saturday
3 hours
location TBC either Howick beach or Solway rd
Parking Howick beach entrance on Beach road, Howick, Auckland

You will be updated prior to workshop if anything else is required as these gatherings and the exercises ion them change every month.

I can't wait to have you in sacred space with me, allowing yourself to surrender and be curious about ways you can align more towards the life your heart truly desires. 

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